Saturday, March 27, 2010

McKenzie!! :( Family Time :)

So to make a long story short...

I got home from work the other day and McKenzie had chewed her way through our back door in the garage. She had been scratching at if for a while, but she got through it. I should have taken pictures, but I was so mad. Since we are moving I had a goodwill box right by the back door and everything in the box was chewed and strung all over my back yard. So I was busy picking everything up at 8pm. :( I called my brother in law James and said I need some help. I told him what had happened and he came right over to help me fix it. He did a temporary fix that would work for the night.

The next day I went to Home Depot to look for a door. I bet they laughed so hard when I came in. My first question was "Where is your door department?". He just smiled and said I will take you there. Do you know what you are looking for. I said yes a metal door. He asked me if I brought the measurements and I said "no, aren't all doors the same size?" He smiled again. I had no idea how many choices of doors their were. I wanted a metal door so she wouldn't be able to ruin it. They only came with the door and the whole jam. I told the guy I need to bring my brother in law back here to help.

So Nicole and James met me at Home Depot. Our door is pretty small and has concrete on the bottom so there was no way to make it bigger to put a different size door in. So we bought stuff to fix the whole. Since we are moving and she is still going to scratch it we fixed it so it would work for a while. I can always order a door for their when the house sells. It looks really good!!

Here is a picture with the patch with the door shut with Kenzie's beauty marks.

Here is the back door with the patch and he painted it the same color of the house.
I think that it looks so good. You can't even tell. You can see McKenzie has already started to scratch it, but it hasn't made any indents yet just dirt marks. I am going to cover the window so she can't see into the garage and I link that will help.

Here is the door with the patch.
James said once you stain and paint it it will look really good. I said once I?
He said ok once I do it. I said that is better. :)
Thanks James for all of your help!!
I couldn't have done any of it without you.

While James was working on the door Nicole and I hung out with the kids inside.
They had a great time playing together.

Shane and Ben chilling and watching Planet 51.

Madison watching a movie with her pillow pet.

Ben watching TV with Shane's pillow pet. He thinks it is his. :)

What a cutie!!

Sam on the dog bed with the kong.
It was 10pm by that time and he was tired so what ever kept him happy.
Yes, Denise on a dog bed with a dog toy in his mouth

The three kids chilling together!! We will sure miss times like this.
That is why we have to take ever advantage we get to spend time with family!! :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday McKenzie!!!

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to McKenzie.
Happy Birthday to you!

Our puppy is 1 today.
We love you Kenzie!!!

McKenzie at 8 weeks

McKenzie in our front yard.
Our grass was a little long, but almost as tall as our sweet puppy!

McKenzie with her giraffe.

McKenzie was taking a nap and Madison covered her up with her blankey while she was sleeping.

Sleeping puppy next to a small kong.

Eric and Madison and McKenzie cuddling on the chair

McKenzie with the toy that Eric bought her

Sweet girl!!

Shane with the puppy

McKenzie on the back deck at 8 weeks

McKenzie on the back deck on her 1st Birthday.

We are so happy to have her in our lives.
She sure is rowdy, but she is a great pup.

She is awfully cute too!!! :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Hangine with the Watts Family

It is so kind of people to come and visit us.
We really like visitors.

Here is a night that we had with the Watts Family.

Here are some of the great moments had by all....

Mike should never fall asleep.
Alia was sticking stickers on his face!

Here is the final project.

Alia and Madison playing with babies on the couch.
These two love playing together

I love those girls!!

Alia in Madison's double baby stroller.

Alia never gets anything that she wants at my house and here is proof:

She is so proud. Popsicle just her size.

She loved them.

Thanks for coming over and hanging out with us. :)

Better late then never... Valentine's Weekend

Eric was home for Valentine's Weekend. It is always nice to have him home.
We had great weather again which was nice as well.
Plus, we had Alia Saturday morning while Denise and Mike moved.
It is so fun to have her. She is a joy in our lives.

Here are some pictures from that day. Yes, we went on a walk again.

Shane riding his bike.

Madison riding her bike

Alia pushing the stroller that she rode in

Alia running around. Having a great time.


Alia saying HI to McKenzie

Close up of the sweet girl.

Shane pushing Alia.

Eric and Kenzie

How cute is that?!?!
Shane is pushing Alia.

What a fun weekend. We love having that sweet girl at our house.

Spring Weather in the WInter?!?!?

It is not often that we get Spring Weather in the winter. So when we do we have to take advantage of it and that is exactly what we did a few weekends back.

Here is a few things that we did..

Madison rode her new bike for the first time that she got for her birthday. She is a pro.

Shane taking a picture with his puppy. He loves her so much.

Shane training McKenzie to sit. Even though that is one of the commands that she knows good. He just likes reinforcing it!!

Here she is in the middle of sitting. It looks like she is doing something else, but she isn't.

Here he is saying "good girl."

We sure have fun taking her for walks and bike rides.
We have been able to do that for a few weekends in a row now.
It's nice to have spring weather in the winter!!

We miss you DADDY!!

Eric came to visit us this weekend.
He just left... :(
The kids and I miss him very much. He will not be back for a month and a half.
Usually he comes home every three weeks.

Here are my babies making crafts for their daddy.

They are so cute. They had so many ideas in their little heads of what to make.

My sweet boy.

My sweet girl.

Shane concentrating on his art work/craft.

Madison concentrating on her artwork/craft.

Shane showing off one of his projects.

Madison smiling for a quick pic, but quick is all I could get.
She told me that she is making special crafts for her daddy!!

My girly and her finished products.
She said "I hope that my daddy likes these"
I said "of course he will"
Here is my buddy's projects.

They both worked so hard. They are sweet kids.
We will be SO happy when we are together as a family together.
It is crazy how much I took my life for granted.
When we are back together I will take so much less for granted.

We love you so much DADDY!!